4 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Items in Storage


Renting a storage unit is not particularly expensive, but if you're going to pay any amount of money to store your items, you want them to be usable when you eventually bring them home. Taking care of your items while they're in storage is essential. Here are some tips to help you care for popular items. Clothing and Linens Your main concerns with clothing and linens are mold and moths. Moths are only a concern with natural fibers like wool—they won't bother synthetics.

24 March 2017

Relocating Houseplants: Tips To Keep Your Greenery Alive Wherever You Go


Moving is always an adventure. You have many things to do, from organizing boxes of items from every room to making sure your hired movers are able to load and relocate everything after packing it up safely. Moving furniture, kitchen items, bedding, and décor is one thing; moving houseplants is quite another adventure all its own. While your moving company will be able to move your plants for you as long as they are aware of them prior to the move (and they include live plants as part of their moving services—not all companies do this), there are things you can do to help prepare them for safe and healthy transport.

23 February 2017