You Can Move In A Weekend With These Four Tips


Moving is a huge endeavor, and you probably have friends who have dedicated a week or longer to moving efforts. What if you don't have that much time? Whether because of lease requirements or a new job opportunity, perhaps you need to move in just a weekend. Is it possible? Yes, it is — as long as you follow these tips.

1. Hire a moving company to load and transport everything.

For many people, the most time-consuming part of moving is loading everything into the moving truck and then unloading it again. Even with a few helpers, you will struggle to do this efficiently if you are not an experienced mover. Maneuvering a couch around a tough corner may take you a half hour or more! Instead, hire a moving company to handle this part for you. They know how to load and unload quickly, and they bring a big team to make it go even faster. While they are working, you can handle other tasks, like calling utility companies and cleaning up.

2. Don't go overboard on packing.

You've probably browsed Pinterest for packing tips and come across many cool, fun ways to fit your items into boxes. These can be useful if you aren't on a deadline, but you don't have the time to be cutesy right now. If an item isn't fragile, just toss it in a box and let it go. However, do take the time to wrap fragile items. The fastest way to do it is to wrap it in a single layer of bubble wrap and secure the bubble wrap with tape. This takes less time than trying to keep tissue paper in place.

3. Use one big donation bin.

Generally, when you're preparing to move, you would sort things out that you want to sell, give to friends, and donate. This is time-consuming, so unless you have anything valuable that you want to sell or give away, you'll have an easier time just donating it all. Pull a big box with you from room to room as you pack, and toss anything you don't need into the box. Drop it off at the thrift store or women's shelter on your way out of town.

4. Hire a cleaning company.

Once you have everything packed, you probably need to clean the apartment or house before you leave town. Many cleaning companies offer this service. They call it move-out cleaning. Hire such a company, and leave the key somewhere for them to find. This way, you can leave as soon as you're packed.


22 June 2018

I Moved Across the Country and You Can Too

Growing up in Washington state, I dreamed of a life in New York City. While I went to a college close to save money, I knew that after graduation, I would soon be hunting for jobs in the big city! While it took a little time and a lot of dedication, I soon found a company in New York that wanted to hire me, but didn't offer to help me relocate. I had never moved before, so the stress of not just starting a new job, but also facing a big move hit me all at once. I soon learned that good organization and planning take the stress out of making a big move. I love to write, so I decided to start a blog to share my moving tips to help others. Come back for a little fun and a lot of moving stress-relief!