Summer Moving Tips To Minimize Stress


When it comes to moving, there isn't ever an easy time. No matter when you plan it – there will be hard work. However, if you're planning a summer move, keep in mind that there are some things you need to consider that might not be of issue during other times of the year. If you're planning a summer move, here are some things to keep in mind.

Book Your Hotel Rooms Early

Especially if you're planning a long-distance move, you will probably need to stay over at a hotel a night or two along the way. Don't forget that summer is also the time that most people go on vacation.

With the increased traffic, if you wait until the last minute, you might not be able to find a room or you will be forced to pay a higher rate. This is especially the case if you're traveling through a popular destination. Book your rooms early to avoid the hassle.

Don't Forget The Heat

When packing don't forget the power of the heat. If you aren't packing with heat in mind, you might find some of your belongings damaged once they arrive at your new home. Take candles, for example. The inside of a tractor-trailer is already hot, but when coupled with the heat from outside, this can cause your candles to melt.

The wax can then drip onto your other belongings, such as artwork, furniture or clothing and cause significant or permanent damage.  If you're moving long-distance, it's best to transport certain items in an air-conditioned vehicle or you may have to give them away.

Give Yourself Some Time

When you and your significant other sat down at the table and decided to move in the summer, make sure you understand that you weren't the only family with this great idea. You're not alone with a number of other people choosing summer moves. For this reason, it's a good idea to give yourself some time to move.

For instance, don't plan a cross-country move and only give yourself a week to leave your new home, arrive at your new home and start your new position. While moving professionals work hard to stay on schedule, when they are servicing a large number of people, it can get complicated. Leaving some flexibility in your schedule can save you stress.

The more you plan, the better the move and the less stressful your experience. Take your time to plan your summer move for the best results. 


4 May 2017

I Moved Across the Country and You Can Too

Growing up in Washington state, I dreamed of a life in New York City. While I went to a college close to save money, I knew that after graduation, I would soon be hunting for jobs in the big city! While it took a little time and a lot of dedication, I soon found a company in New York that wanted to hire me, but didn't offer to help me relocate. I had never moved before, so the stress of not just starting a new job, but also facing a big move hit me all at once. I soon learned that good organization and planning take the stress out of making a big move. I love to write, so I decided to start a blog to share my moving tips to help others. Come back for a little fun and a lot of moving stress-relief!