Choosing A Storage Unit For Your Valuables


Once you have selected a self-storage facility for your belongings, it's also advisable to choose the exact unit that will house the valuables. This is because not all units within a facility are created equal; some of the units will be more suited to your needs than others. Below are some of the factors to consider in the decision.


The size of the unit is one of the primary factors to consider. You don't want to choose a unit that is too small for your items, and you also don't want to waste money on an unnecessarily small place. Therefore, get a good estimate of the sizes and number of items you want to store. Get a storage unit that can handle them all if you practice good space utilization. The storage facility's manager can help you with the sizing if you need help.


There are outdoor (open-air or uncovered storage) units as well as indoor storage units. The location you choose depends on the nature of the items you want to store. For example, outdoor storage space is suitable for robust items, such as old machinery or automobiles that can withstand exposure to various weather elements. Note that outdoor storage spaces are relatively cheaper than indoor storage units.


If you want to rent a storage unit on a multilevel storage facility, then you may also have a choice between the ground and upper floors. Your choice of floor should depend on factors such as the weight and size of your items plus your budget, among other things. Upper floor units might be cheaper than lower floor units. However, hauling huge storage boxes or items to upper floors might not be easy.


The accessibility of the storage unit may also be an issue if you have something that is difficult to maneuver through tight or confined spaces. You may also need a storage unit with drive-up access if you don't want to deal with the hustles of unloading your boxes and transporting them to your storage unit; you get to unload them in the unit.


Lastly, you should also consider any extra or special features that come with the different units. For example, some units come with temperature and humidity control, which makes them suitable for items that can be damaged by high humidity or temperatures.

If you want to store particularly valuable items, then you should also involve the facility's manager in your decision. That way, your valuables won't face any risks during storage.

Look for storage units for rent in your area to get started.


22 August 2019

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