Did Your Girlfriend Finally Agree To Move In And Become A Family?


When you met your girlfriend, you knew she was the one. However, it took a little convincing to finally convince her to make your house her home. While you've fallen in love with her kids just as much as you care about her, you can't help but worry about how they will do when the big moving day arrives. As you prepare to merge your families, use these tips to keep the kids safe and comfortable during the move.

Get the Kids Involved With Packing

By now, you've likely talked to the kids about what life will be like after the move. They may still feel apprehensive about watching their favorite possessions get packed into boxes and loaded on to a truck. Alternatively, they might be dragging their feet at the prospect of having to complete the chore of packing up their room. If this is the case, then show up like a hero with all of the supplies the kids need to make packing enjoyable. For instance, stickers can be put on to boxes to personalize each one, and older kids enjoy doodling with sharpies to give their boxes a sense of ownership.

Keep Safety In Mind on Moving Day

Local moving services are ideal when you need to move multiple rooms to a new location, and professional movers always follow the appropriate safety protocols. Young children may accidentally get into harm's way if they get curious about the truck or run across a path where heavy furniture is being moved. For this reason, you may need to arrange for someone to watch younger children as the truck is being loaded and unloaded.  If this is not possible, then create a safe zone such as an empty bedroom where the kids can play with adult supervision until the major parts of the move are done.

Plan a Special Event for the First Night

Moving is a lot of hard work, and your new family should be rewarded for their efforts. Consider hosting a movie night or pizza party for everyone once the movers have left the building. Or you could set up a snack station and play the kids' favorite music as you set up their new bedrooms. Either way, your first night is an opportunity for bonding that sets the stage for your future together as a family.

You made your big move, and she said yes. Now, all you have to do is help her move her and her kids' belongings to your residence. By knowing how to put a fun spin on packing and keep an eye on the kids' safety, you can look forward to finally realizing your dream of being a family under one roof.

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13 March 2018

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