Important Tips When You Plan To Use A Storage Unit For Professional Purposes


If you are starting a small business and need an affordable way to store your products, you may find that a storage unit is an ideal place to do so. However, there can be some issues associated with using a storage unit for professional purposes. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of the following advice for protecting your new business.    

Know What You Can And Cannot Do From Your Storage Unit

It is first important to note that running your business from your self-storage unit is almost always illegal. For instance, you cannot rent a unit to work on cars. However, you might be permitted in some areas to sell a few items from the unit.

That means that if you are storing your old furniture, you might be permitted to meet people at the unit who are interested in buying it. You should not expect to be able to run a thrift or consignment store there, but you can store merchandise that your business lacks space for in the storage unit. In addition, you can normally expect privacy and to be left alone, as long as you are being a responsible, law-abiding tenant who complies with the rules.  

Have Adequate (Or Extra) Insurance With A Deductible You Can Afford   

If you are new to renting storage space or you have only done so sporadically, you might be surprised by the insurance that is (and is not) present on the contents of the rented space. For instance, there might be only a small amount of insurance provided by the facility, and some areas do not require the owners to insure the contents of the units at all. As a result, it is important to determine both the actual and retail values of the merchandise being stored, and then obtain insurance on the amount of money you could lose in the event of a disaster.

In some instances, the existing insurance policies carried on your home or business might extend to cover the contents of a storage unit, so you should check with your agent to determine what your best plan will be. Unfortunately, the same privacy that is extended to you by the owners and management of the storage facility might also permit damage to your merchandise due to the mice that followed your neighbor's poor packing habits. Regardless, having adequate coverage with an affordable deductible is essential to your success.  

In conclusion, many home-based and small businesses depend on being able to quickly and efficiently fulfill orders. Therefore, it is best to have easy, convenient access to those items, and when your inventory exceeds the space available at home or work, renting storage space is a great solution. At that time, the tips provided above are likely to be quite useful.   


31 March 2017

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