Save Time and Effort with Full-Service Moving Companies


Moving can take weeks of physical effort and planning when done alone. Enlisting the help of friends or family members on moving day is challenging. Some friends may not be able to make it and others may not be willing or able to do the heavy lifting. Depending on the kindness of others can result in paying extra fees for being in the property past the move-out date. Hiring help for a local move will save both time and money. Here are a few tips for moving with full-service moving companies.

Part of calculating the moving rate is based on how many items are going to be transported to the new home. Homeowners can prepare in advance by spending time going through the home and removing items that will not be moved. Going through each drawer, closet, storage space, and living area will lower the cost of moving. Letting go of old clothes, kitchen items, furniture, broken electronics, sporting equipment, and home décor that is not going to the new home will free up space on the moving truck.

Throw away unnecessary paperwork that has accumulated throughout the house to make sure trash is not transported by the moving company. Junk mail and old bills are common forms of clutter that can be shredded or thrown out.

After all trash and nonessential items have been removed from the home, place everything in its designated space. Full-service moving companies are able to offer help with packing for the move as well as unpacking. It will be easy for the movers to label and pack items from a specific room. Taking advantage of this packing service is the best way to reclaim dozens of hours trying to pack and put everything back in its place. Stumbling over moving boxes and putting household items away as you have extra time can make the new house feel cluttered and uncomfortable.

In conclusion, you should consider reaching out to a full-service moving for a quote for all the services needed on moving day. The quote for local movers will include a specific price point for a set amount of time, mileage, packing services, and optional insurance. It only takes a few minutes to increase the insurance amount for hard-to-replace items. Always secure an appointment as soon as the moving date is finalized. Use these tips when moving to a new home with full-service moving companies.  


16 March 2022

I Moved Across the Country and You Can Too

Growing up in Washington state, I dreamed of a life in New York City. While I went to a college close to save money, I knew that after graduation, I would soon be hunting for jobs in the big city! While it took a little time and a lot of dedication, I soon found a company in New York that wanted to hire me, but didn't offer to help me relocate. I had never moved before, so the stress of not just starting a new job, but also facing a big move hit me all at once. I soon learned that good organization and planning take the stress out of making a big move. I love to write, so I decided to start a blog to share my moving tips to help others. Come back for a little fun and a lot of moving stress-relief!