Tired Of Your Shipments Sitting At Warehouses When They Should Be In Transit? Solutions That Help


The biggest headache with getting products to market is moving them through shipping lines. Straight shipping often leaves truckloads of goods stuck at warehouses or on shipping docks until truck trailer space becomes available. It can lead to delays and a lot of frustration for you and for your customers. There is a better way, and it offers multiple channels as solutions. 

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding takes the shipments that you have stuck in transit somewhere and it moves the shipments along much faster than if you waited for the next truck. Freight forwarders do not work for the shipping companies, but for themselves and customers like you. That means that they can easily look up all manner and modes of shipping transportation to find the shipping solutions to move your shipments faster and prevent your shipments from getting stuck somewhere. 

Multimodal Shipping

Multimodal shipping is a very common approach to faster shipping used by freight forwarding companies. Instead of having to rely on trucks to move everything, freight forwarders look up freight liners by water, cargo planes by air, ground cover by trains, etc. They might even engage and utilize the services of cross-country moving companies, if the moving companies are not especially busy. This gives you, the customer, more ways to move more goods to more places in far less time.

Tracking Your Shipments

Regardless of the modes or means of how freight forwarders move your shipments, one thing is for certain — you can expect real-time tracking on everything you ship. The freight forwarding companies of today have gone high tech and provide you with tracking numbers for every mode of transportation used to move a shipment. If you want to know where the train is that has Shipment A, and where the ocean freighter is that has Shipment B, you simply enter the information provided by the freight forwarding company into the links sent to you, and the tracking results show you right where Shipments A and B are now, and their expected arrival at the next destination. 

Do Not Look at Cost as a Factor

Sure, you can ask for quotes and request pricing to shop around. There is nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day is cost really a factor if you can get your shipments to move? That alone is something to consider when you would rather have a freight forwarding handler push your goods along. 


22 January 2020

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