Protect Your Snowmobile By Parking It In A Storage Unit During The Hot And Humid Off Season


Snowmobiles are a lot of fun in the winter, but a snowmobile can just get in the way in the summer months if you keep it in your garage or yard. Consider renting a self-storage unit for your snowmobile so it is protected and out of your way until the snow returns. Here are some tips for storing a snowmobile.

Find an Appropriate Facility

You'll need to find a storage facility that accepts snowmobiles. As long as you drain the gas and prep the snowmobile properly, you shouldn't have any problem finding a place. You'll have to choose between covered parking and an enclosed unit. An enclosed unit is ideal because your equipment is locked up and safe, and you can use the extra space in the unit to store snow skis and other winter tools and toys. Also, you'll want to measure the length and width of the snowmobile and trailer if the trailer is going in storage too so you reserve a unit large enough to hold everything you need to store.

Follow the Storage Instructions n Your Manual

You might be advised to drain the fuel, remove spark plugs, and lubricate parts that need it. In addition, you'll want to make sure the snowmobile is clean and dry before you place it in a storage unit. You might even want to wax it so it survives long periods of heat and humidity. Even though you use an enclosed unit, you may want to cover your snowmobile to keep dust off of it. Just use a breathable tarp so moisture from humidity isn't held in to cause rust.

Consider a Climate-Controlled Facility

Climate control isn't a necessity for storing a snowmobile, but if you want the ultimate in protection, you might look for a storage facility that offers it. This might be in the form of an enclosed garage that's shared with other snowmobiles, boats, or RVs. Since your snowmobile will be stored over the summer months, heat and humidity are your main concerns. If you choose a private enclosed unit, you may want to put desiccant in it to help keep down humidity. However, the most important way to control rust is to make sure you don't put anything in storage that's wet and that you prep the snowmobile carefully by repairing scratches and removing rust before it goes in storage.

It may seem like a lot of work to prep your equipment before you store it, but your preparations pay off when the snow returns and you get your snowmobile out of storage and it's ready to use without going through a lot of maintenance and repairs. 

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22 January 2020

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